Special Shaped Cores

◾  Special Shaped Core

Yuseung has developed special-shaped cores, including EE, UU, ER, and others, which are easy to work with in winding operations. Leveraging a variety of materials like HF, Sendust, HG, NF, and more, Yuseung provides high-quality special-shaped cores to meet the specific demands of customers.

Black Core

Big Block Cores

E Cores

EQ Cores

EER Cores

ER Cores

U Cores 

Cylinder Cores

Round Block + Cylinder Cores

EQ + I Cores

Planar E + I Cores

ER Cores + I Cores

  The example of part number for special shaped cores

Products where two single items form one pair

(e.g. EQ, EE, EER, UU)

Products where four or more items form a *set

*Set: A combination forming a magnetic path
(e.g. BL, RB)

Products forming one set with a combination 
of different shapes

(e.g. CD, EL)

◾  Assembled cores with winding

Yuseung is developing assembled cores based on mold and press forming technologies. Especially, EQ + I core and ER + I core are the main products at Yuseung. These assembled cores utilize a flat winding technique, allowing easier product development compared to traditional toroidal cores.

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